Frequently Asked Questions About Commercial Juicer

If you are going to buy a commercial juicer the following question-answer may help you to choose the why you will be buying a best masticating juicer

Will the fresh fruit and vegetable presses be used to squeeze the juice, squeeze the mud?
Yes, 2 in 1 fresh fruit and vegetable press is attached to two groups of different purposes stainless steel knife, in addition, to squeezing 100% fresh juice, but also to extract fresh fruit mud, as long as just a few seconds, will be easy to enjoy Fresh and natural juice.

Will the fruits and vegetables do not need to cut too small?
Yes. Commercial Juicer has an exclusive patent food feed tube, more width of the general juicer, suitable for larger fruits, vegetables, the whole push into the easy to prepare vegetables.

Is it necessary to squeeze the juice?
Commercial Juicer has an exclusive juice residue separation system, even if put the whole apple, you can still quickly squeeze a lot of fresh residue without residue, you don’t need to peel the fruit for making fresh fruit juice. Juice left in the juice will be automatically collected in the storage barrels, which can be used directly for fertilization potted plants, economical and environmentally friendly.

Will the quick release of the juice separation system cause the fruit to be completely squeezed?
At this point, you can rest assured that, almost every Commercial Juicer has an exclusive patented food feed system designed to extract the most amount of fruit juice, apple juice rate as high as 75% or more.

Is commercial juicer is able to extract juice from leafy hard vegetables?
As almost every commercial juicer comes with powerful motor and high speed of crushing or grinding so it can extract almost everything. General fruits and vegetables can also be used to extract fruit juice, cakes, cocktails, desserts, sauce ... and so on.

How long is the product warranty period?
Almost every commercial juicer product has a warranty period of ten years. After purchasing the product with warranty card and purchase invoice, one-year free maintenance. In the normal use of the scope of the machine failure damage, after the determination of the test, the new product for the exchange. You can also enjoy warranty on motor blades and on other parts of the commercial juicer too.